I highly recommend Idea Bakery. I’ve worked with Idea Bakery’s Founder Serfi in several businesses over the years, first in Coca-Cola, at VitaminWater, later at Barilla Americas and most recently at Beanitos Americas.

It is a pleasure to work with such a talented and passionate brand guru. Serfi has an extraordinary strategic mind, and an unparalleled ability to concisely and clearly develop a business strategy through the brand lens.

Serfi and her team partner to create a brand vision and architecture that empowers creative minds, and they have an uncanning ability to distill thought into inspirational creative language.

Idea Bakery and Serfi are always a positive force in the business and the team, and their work has consistently delivered a step change in consumer engagement and business results.

Gıannella Alvarez Beanitos Americas CEO, ex CEO Global VitaminWater (The Coca-Cola Company) and Barilla Americas

When we first met Serfi and Alex of Idea Bakery, we knew that they were the right partners for the big job ahead of us: to define the overall purpose of our brand and sharpen our ‘brand house’, which defines the foundation of our brand Canesten. Working with them has led to a great outcome that we are now working with to shape our future and it has been a lot of fun as well. What impressed me most is the sense of ownership that Serfi and Alex apply, which gives everything a real sense of teamwork.

Thanks again, Serfi and Alex! You are making a difference to how we are leading this wonderful brand into the future and help us to ‘empower people to get comfortable in their own skin’.

Heıko Petersen Global Brand Director Antifungals & Women's Intimate Health - Bayer Consumer Care AG

Next to the brilliant training sessions that have played a huge role in transforming the company, the equity workshops have been fantastic and have resulted in brand equities that will change the game at Ontex for sure.

We see Idea Bakery as our own little green Yoda – our secret and sage mentor 🙂

Challenging yet warm, humble but wise, full of knowledge of all things in the universe but as full of surprise and mischief as well!

Tim’s letter and Yoda gift to Idea Bakery

Tım Vandenbulcke Ontex Global MD
The Team from IdeaBakery has been the ideal partner for building top-notch capabilities in our Marketing organization, across the world. Three highly energetic and equally knowledgeable ladies have taken turns in co-developing our fundamental training materials under our ‘lovebrand building’ umbrella and delivered multiple trainings across the world. Feedback from the organization has been outstanding. Kudos to Serfi, Sandy, and Alex.
ATİLLA CANSUN Merck Consumer Health Global CMO

Idea Bakery has been instrumental in building a strong marketing organization in Vodafone Turkey in the last 5 years. Idea Bakery not only helped us build a very strong Marketing Academy (a multi-level, custom-design series of trainings) but also assisted us to develop an effective brand building framework, and integrated marketing good practices.

Furthermore, they took the lead in one of the most aggressive culture change programs in our company: developed & executed the ‘Leadership on Paper’ Training. This program dramatically improved the written communication and speeded up our decision-making process as well as the quality of our decisions.

Serfi has vast global experience in brand building and training, is an excellent communicator and a genuine person who not only helps build brands for many companies but also founded Idea Bakery to be a strategic partner for many brands around the world.

Gökhan Öğüt Vodafone Turkey, CEO

It’s absolutely remarkable how someone who spent practically all her business life in one company can so flawlessly operate in a completely new environment – and do it immediately, without even a second of “figuring it out”. Serfi not only brings superb structure to help solve complex problems, but also great energy and ability to make people work together. In a matter of hours she can digest hundreds & hundreds of pages of data for a business she has never worked in her life and make sense out of it. She can walk into a room filled with people, who she has never met before and make them work as a team, real hard, keeping their focus and energy for 2 days in a row. She is a great listener and fantastic moderator who also brings an outstanding business perspective to the team. True expert in communication and brand building.


Strauss Coffee is a $1 billion company, 5th in the world, present in Russia, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Israel & Brazil.

Gennady Jılınsky Strauss Coffee CMO

We started working with Idea Bakery by telling ourselves “it’s very hard but not impossible to totally turn around a rooted yet dusted brand. Sandy and Serfi bedazzled us with their positive and creative approach, making us feel their guidance in every step of building Grundig’s brand strategy. They are excellent consultants for marketers who seek direction in the tough marketing environment of our era. If you are passionate and excited about executing the brand strategy they meticulously craft, your marketing communications efforts are bound to succeed !

Handan Abdurrahmanoğlu Head of Grundig Turkey

I have enjoyed the time I spent with you and found the sessions to be very productive and stimulating… Most importantly, I have very much liked the spirit of the meetings and the pleasant and interactive style of the workshop. I am pleased with the outcome of the workshop and I believe that we have got out something very useful to help us with ‘shining the Diamond on the rough’. Please convey my gratitude and of the Savola team to the wonderful team of Idea Bakery…

The Savola Group is a $7 billion company present in Saudi, Gulf, N. Africa & C. Asia

Dr. Abdulrauf Mannaa The Savola Group* CEO

We had the privilege of working with Idea Bakery when they ran extensive Brand Building and Marketing Strategy Development Trainings for our Marketing Department. I am sure there are other great companies out there who are working to improve marketing skills and knowledge of brand people. However, I have so far only experienced The Idea Bakery Team to ignite and reignite the love and passion for brand building in the hearts of their trainees in a long-lasting way. All you need is half an hour in an Idea Bakery training and you become a Believer !!!

Levent Kömür Mey Diageo CEO

Idea Bakery is a special partner for our Ülker marketing team.  They have played an important role in numerous projects for us and are an ally in helping me build and reinforce the Ülker Way of Marketing.  I value Idea Bakery’s capability, trustworthiness, and balanced perspective.

Capability: Idea Bakery has strong expertise, insights and provides relevant tools to help deliver against a wide range of marketing needs.

Trustworthy: Idea Bakery Master Chefs have a good sense of teamwork and partnership, which makes them very credible.  I consider them as part of the team.

Balanced perspective: Idea Bakery has extensive multi-national experience which provides a global view (they speak my language), and have good local experience which help them apply global tools in a relevant way to local needs.  Idea Bakery has delivered on many projects for us in the past, and I am sure they will help us deliver against more opportunities and challenges in the future.



Yıldız Holding is $10 billion company and the owners of Godiva and United Biscuits.

Ahad Afrıdı Godiva & United Biscuits & Yıldız Holding CMO

The Brand House workshop really created a solid strategic framework to focus all resources and efforts on building a strong cohesive Masterbrand.

The Idea Bakery team did a tremendous job moderating and aligning the multiple perspectives, local needs and particular interests of all participants. Great Value added!

Mıke Seıdel Global Brand Director Iberogast - Bayer Consumer Care AG