Gennady Jilinski

Strauss Coffee, Chief Marketing Officer

It’s absolutely remarkable how someone who spent practically all her business life in one company can so flawlessly operate in a completely new environment – and do it immediately, without even a second of “figuring it out”. Serfi not only brings superb structure to help solve complex problems, but also great energy and ability to make people work together. In a matter of hours she can digest hundreds & hundreds of pages of data for a business she has never worked in her life and make sense out of it. She can walk into a room filled with people, who she has never met before and make them work as a team, real hard, keeping their focus and energy for 2 days in a row. She is a great listener and fantastic moderator who also brings an outstanding business perspective to the team.
True expert in communication and brand building.

Gökhan Öğüt

Vodafone Turkey , CEO

Idea Bakery and Serfi have been instrumental to building a strong marketing organization in Vodafone Turkey in the last 4 years. Idea Bakery not only helped us build a very strong Marketing Academy (a multi-level, custom-design series of trainings) but also assisted us to develop an effective brand building framework and integrated marketing good practices. Furthermore, they took the lead in one of the most aggresive culture change programs in our company: developed and executed the Leadership on Paper Training. This program dramatically improved the written communication and speeded up our decision making process as well as quality of our decisions.
Serfi has a vast global experience in brand building and training, an excellent communicator and a genuine person who not only helps build brands for many companies but also founded Idea Bakery to be a strategic partner for many brands around the world.

Becky Swanson

Leo Burnett Chicago, Global Creative Director

Serfi has more energy, smarts and enthusiasm than 10 people.
She has the ability to inspire the cynical and transform the jaded. She is completely
genuine, a great listener and very action oriented. I was sorely disappointed to lose her
partnership on P&G, where she was instrumental in helping us launch a new campaign on
Tampax. But I’m holding out hope that our paths will cross again. The Idea Bakery?
Brilliant idea! Honestly, I’m a little jealous.

Ahad Afridi

Yıldız Holding, Chief Marketing Officer

Serfi is a special partner for our Ülker marketing team.  She has played an important role in numerous projects for us and is an ally in helping me build and reinforce the Ülker Way of Marketing.  I value her capability, trustworthiness, and her balanced perspective.
- Capability - Serfi has strong expertise, insights and provides relevant tools to help deliver against a wide range of marketing needs. 
- Trustworthy - Serfi has a good sense of teamwork and partnership, which makes her very credible.  I consider her part of the team.
- Balanced perspective - Serfi has extensive multi-national experience which provides a global view (she speaks my language), and she has good local experience which helps her apply global tools in a relevant way to local needs.  Serfi has delivered on many projects for us in the past, and I am sure she will help us deliver against more opportunities and challenges in the future.

John Ebeling

Saatchi & Saatchi NY, Global Strategic Planning Director

Serfi has an uncanny ability to always bring a fresh perspective to problem solving.
One reason for this is that Serfi trusts her emotional core and lets that provide an
instinctive yet highly informed response. Her strength is that she exhibits true balance
between rational and emotional analytics. An ability that has been honed by years of
listening to real consumers, solving big business issues and learning to trust her internal
decision making compass.

Suzanne Tosolini

Brand Strategist, The Jim Stengel Company

I worked with Serfi for many years in P&G in both the CEEMEA (Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) and North America regions.  
She stands out to me in 3 ways: 
- She digs deep - she gets right to the bottom of brands to really understand what drives them in order to develop her strategic thinking, 
- She is tenacious - she will not let hurdles stand in her way but rather she will always find a creative way to get around them, and 
- She is wonderful to work with - she cares deeply about her business and the people she works with and it shows in the high quality work and relationships she develops.

MaryAnne Schmidt

Procter & Gamble Cincinnati, Integrated Production Manager – North America

Serfi Altun is an incredibly talented expert in communication creativity and effectiveness, and has deep knowledge and expertise in brand strategy and equity.   Additionally, her inspiring and informative training sessions made her a very highly rated facilitator at P&G.  She brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to any project and is a fantastic partner to work with.

Gerhard Remlein

BBDO NY, Global Brand Agency Leader

My team and I had the pleasure of partnering with Serfi on the development of integrated global communications for the Venus brand.  Serfi makes an impression from the moment she walks through the door.  She’s got great presence and exudes passion and love for great ideas.  Her energy is contagious and her strategic and creative thinking are sharp.  One of the things I love most about Serfi is how openly and authentically she shares the way she feels about an idea  - you know you’re on to something when “I love it” just oozes out of her.