Dawn W. Thompson

Idea Master Chef

"Insight Guru"

25+ years experience in Brand Management, Integrated Communications & Brand Building.

Network Member of Idea Bakery/Entrepreneur leading brand equity, strategy development, megabrand communication, architecture, concept, campaign development/assessment, and multicultural work for Procter & Gamble, COTY/Cover Girl, Sprite, BET/VIACOM and Shea Moisture.

~20 years at P&G, managing local, regional and global B$ brands in diverse categories: Household, Home Care, OTC Pharma, Female Hygiene, Beauty and Oral Care. Specific passion: Brand Equity, Strategy, Architecture, Megabrands, Campaigns and Multicultural.

7 years as a member of Procter & Gamble’s select group of in-house brand building experts – Integrated Brand Building Communications department.

Leading company knowledge development in ‘Brand Recall’, ‘Brand Purpose’, ’Brand Equity’, ‘Brief & Briefing’, ‘Leading Edge Integrated Communications’, ‘Billion Dollar Brand and Multicultural Consumer Understanding’.

Developed and trained a Global Print Communication and Multicultural Training Program on ‘How to Develop Best In Class Print’ and ‘Best in Class Ethnic/Inclusive Communications’ in cooperation with top creatives of the leading ad agencies (Publicis, Grey etc.).

Seasoned trainer for North America and multi national teams across the globe on various brand building topics.

Launched as line Brand Director the now $5 billion Glad Press n’ Seal / Glad Forceflex brand globally as Impress, prior to P&G’s most profitable joint venture with Clorox.

Co-founder of Effie winning “My Black is Beautiful” consumer & retail scale program and largest Facebook community of multicultural women, ~2.6+ million.

African American, proud Mom of two college aged Millennials (one is also a Centennial).