The Idea Bakery “How to Cannes Recipe” 2019 is Out!

The Idea Bakery “How to Cannes Recipe” 2019 is Out!

As the boundaries between advertising, activism, content, entertainment and art continue to blur, being at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity has never been more exciting.

Below, taste our hand-picked program selections for each day, covering brands’ changing roles in society, culture, doing good, re-imagining storytelling, future-proofing your creative organization and of course, the evolution of effective creative communication.

Scroll down to also read our tips on making the most of your time at Cannes Lions, distilled from our two decades’ worth of experience attending and working as Young Lions and CMO Academy trainers at the festival.

Keep in touch to book a session with us as we bake new ideas inspired by Cannes Lions cases into our new Inspiration Feed, coming out soon.

Enjoy the recipe!